Welcome to Frida Restaurant & Bar

Frida Restaurant and Bar aspires to transform and elevate the Mexican food culture in Toronto. Motivated by the authentic spirit of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Frida Restaurant and Bar modernizes Mexican food in a fresh, relaxed and contemporary setting.

Frida Kahlo speaks the truth in her paintings. Her rawness inspired our native Mexican Chef to draw from his roots and give to the people the essence of the Mexico he knows. 

Please join us at our restaurant to enjoy refined Mexican food unlike anything you have tried in Toronto. Have a seat at the bar and choose from a delicious array of margaritas, martinis, sangrias and more. Plus we offer an extensive list of fine "anejo" or "reposado" tequilas for sipping pleasure.

For further information on Frida Restaurant and Bar and to make reservations please call 416-787-2221.

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